Hi, This page is where we will review for you farm and homestead products that we have tried and use.  We hope you find this information useful and educating.  We will add photos and videos occasionally to help the review.

poly shovel

Fiskars Soil Scoop

The first I'd like to review is this gardening shovel.  I saw this 'shovel' while looking around amazon.  My wife said she needed a small garden shovel and I showed her this one and she said it would be fine.  We just got it the other day and it seems to be well built and will hopefully last a long time. It is a one piece design, with no apparent weak points so it shouldn't break when used within it's abilities.  It's lightweight and it will never rust or cut anyone.  It takes out a measured scoop of compost every time.  The only thing I think would make it better is if the handle was slanted just a bit.  When scooping compost out of a 5 gallon bucket, it was a little less than ergonomic.

Well, we'll update if we ever have any trouble out of it.  Here is what I'm probably getting next with regard to small garden tools.


Introducing the Thermo Cube!

We tried this handy little plug in our rabbitry over the winter and I have got to say it is fantastic!  If you need to keep anything from freezing, this is the device to have!  This power outlet is heat sensitive, it will deliver power to any device that is plugged into it when the temperature drops to 35 degrees (Fahrenheit) and then shut off power to those devices at 45 degrees.  This works great in combination with these and these.

Ceramic heat lamp

Finally, a heat lamp without the light!

I bought the 150 watt version of this and I've got to say it worked pretty well for keeping my brand new baby bunnies warm during the few cold snaps we had this winter.  I like it because it doesn't put out too much heat like the 250 watt heat lamps and they also don't put out any light.  They are also safer as far as fires go, and that is an important aspect when dealing with livestock.  Just make sure that you get a ceramic heat shield instead of the cheap ones they sell at the box stores.  These ceramic heaters also come in 100w, 200w, and 250w depending on your needs.