This is the site I used as the project for my permaculture design certificate.  It’s a suburban lot that is just under 6000 square feet or just over 550 square meters.  It is situated in southeast Texas, 70 miles from the coast of the Gulf of Mexico at 30 degrees latitude in the humid subtropics.  Read more

Here is another design in southeast Texas.  This is a 5.22 acre property located in the humid subtropics, Zone 9a.  This is a suburban lot in a somewhat upscale neighborhood just north of the 4th largest city in the US, Houston, TX.  Read more

Here is another suburban design.  This property is 1/3 acre with a manufactured home about centered on the property placed lengthwise with walls toward the east and west.  The clients began organic gardening on this property before hearing about permaculture and are now permaculture enthusiasts.  They have big dreams for the small property and I will assist them in this endeavor.  Read more

This is a 3.97 acre property in the humid subtropics, 85 miles from the Gulf of Mexico.  The property receives on average 44” of rain per year but could be as much as double or half of that making water harvesting and storage a top priority.  The clients chose to have me design their property because of recent floods and erosion.  Read more

A 2 1/2 acre property fully wooded in native trees.  The clients just purchased this lot, cleared about a half acre or so and built their dream house.  They wanted me to design a fully functioning, self-sustaining edible landscape over their entire cleared area.  They want as much production as possible with no grass they must maintain!  Perfect opportunity for a permaculture design. Read more