Guild Installation

$250.00 $199.00

Edible landscaping.



This is a service provided that will greatly enrich your life by providing you with healthy eats most of the year.  The concept here is to provide self sustaining (for the most part) small “island” food forest “pods” like what most people do with a non productive tree and flowers in a front yard garden but instead use productive trees, shrubs, vines, herbs, ground covers and rhizomes (roots).

This can be done with such an arrangement a peach tree, grapes, kiwi, bush cherry, blackberry, strawberry, comfrey, basil, marigolds, calendula, and carrot or sweet potato.  Of course, there are many arrangements based on your tastes and desires.  Prices will vary depending what plants you choose, location, size, etc.  Choose options such as guild design only, design and installation or design, installation and maintenance.

A very popular guild for our area is the banana circle.

Guild design is $199, for more options and will be customized to your specific requirements and likes, send an email to or see the contact us form for more info or for a quote on installation and maintenance.


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