Young Couple Starts an Offgrid Homestead from Scratch

I read an incredible story today and one that seems to be repeating all over the country.  I’ll share some of it with you below, please read the article from Mother Earth News


Young Couple Starts an Off-Grid Homestead from Scratch, Part 1

10/13/2015 12:42:00 PM

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Young Woman Homesteader

In Fall of 2013, I had just relocated to Boulder, Colo., with the company I was working for as a graphic designer. Graphic design is what I went to school for, I had a decent job making $48,000 per year, a rockin’ apartment in the city, a brand new Subaru Legacy, I hiked or snowboarded on the weekends, rock climbed on week nights, and thought I was finally living the life.

However, despite having what I was taught to be “the perfect life,” I was deeply unhappy on the inside. I was becoming increasingly unhappy with my job. It wasn’t the work itself I was growing to despise; it was working a corporate job altogether.

‘Having it All’ but Wanting More

I hated commuting to work, I was bored most of the time despite expending significant amounts of energy to stay motivated, and after doing the math, I was ….  read more.

These stories provide an inspiration to those of us who aspire to become more self sufficient.  We are on this path, and cannot wait for the opportunity to access a bigger patch of dirt, though the learning we are doing now is going to help with the projects we’ll encounter at that time.

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