We got some rain!  And it was perfect.  A couple of days of overcast with mixed in sprinkles to get the ground pre-moistened, followed by 36 hours of steady, but not too hard rain!  This was so needed.

We weren’t in quite the pickle Cali is in right now, just the usual summer drought.  Montgomery county, TX.  announced they were going to call a fire ban if rains didn’t come.  We are all glad they did after the extreme fires we had a few years ago.  In fact, Bastrop, TX. was undergoing their biggest fire on record and these rains really helped the fires over there (only about 80 miles or so from here).

Well, I don’t want to keep anyone too long just talking about rain, but it was nice to have, so I wanted to write about it.

In other news, we are about to go out and plant our winter pea crop, putting in about 12 feet I believe.  We have a Metechi garlic coming up from Allicins Ranch.  We did put this spread throughout our food forest as well as in our garden.  This is a hard neck purple striped variety that will actually produce a viable seed, if so desired.  In case you didn’t know, garlic is extremely rarely propagated from seed.  In fact, it was believed for some time that it was impossible to produce a viable seed.  We grow garlic because we love its flavor and we love it for its incredible medicinal uses.  We also selected this particular variety because it is hardy here in the south and will produce seed if you really want it to.  For a very interesting article related to producing viable seed from garlic, click here.

Well, gotta wrap this up, the sun is out, it’s a fantastic 70 degrees out and we got to get to planting our peas.  ‘Til next time… Josh

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