We just completed, this past month, installing a micro food forest in our front yard, between our driveway and house.  It holds 4 fruit trees; an orange (Brown Select Satsuma), peach (Red Baron), and 2 plumcots (Flavor King and Dapple Dandy) along with a Goji berry, thornless blackberries (Prime Ark Freedom) as well as some comfrey, aloe, marigolds, basil, mints, lemon balm,  Malabar spinach, lavendar, mini roses, stevia and some other flowers as well.  We’ll be planting sweet potatoes and strawberries as well in the spring as well as some grapes or muscadines.  A whole lot of good nutritious food and medicinals can be planted in a small space when you take advantage of all of nature’s growing spaces!

I just read about the Beacon Food Forest in Seattle, WA. and it is absolutely amazing!  I’d like to bring a project like that to my hometown here in Texas, but I’m sure working with public officials would be an aggravating situation to say the least.

Check out their video here.

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