Our second visit to the Helping Hands Community Garden!!

Today was our second day at the Helping Hands Community Garden! So, your probably ¬†wondering what we did at the garden. well, here’s what I did with Judy Rose, the nice lady who runs the garden, any-who, first I helped her put bricks in the walkway of the gardens then she said that it was a one man job. So, I moved the dirt to make it¬†level for her to put the bricks in the walkway of the garden to look nice. When I was doing that my dad was planting in his garden. When we finished I went to go help my dad plant comfrey my dad wanted to plant four comfrey plants in his garden well by the time that I finished with Judy my dad had already planted three comfrey plants and I helped him with one plant. A comfrey plant is a healing plant, it can heal broken bones, torn muscle, sprains, and any skin problems such as scrapes bruises or bug bites . So any-who, then we plated some black beans.


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