I’m back! And ready for another great year!

Good morning everyone!  I am back from my 5 month vacation.  Well, it hasn’t been quite the vacation, we’ve been very busy around ThisTinyFarm.  But I am back and I will be updating this blog at least twice a week.

Since I’ve been away we’ve installed another micro food forest, this time a lemon tree guild.  We have also topped off our garden with an additional layer of organic and mushroom compost and have learned that our french drain has failed and our septic needs replaced.  While this seems like a tragedy, it is actually a blessing in disguise.  I will have the opportunity to install a brand new septic, which will up my resale value as well as disturb all the compacted clay soil in my back yard.  I will use this opportunity to turn in compost into this soil and then plant into the newly disturbed soil plants that will help “grow” our soil into a productive ecosystem for the forest/meadow we are trying to achieve in the back yard for a forage area for our chickens, quail and rabbits (yes, we got quail over the winter as well).  I will use the fact that the french drain clogged as the perfect opportunity to create a gray water recycling system so that our gray water will turn into abundant water for our garden and plants.  This will also force us to begin using or even making our own natural soaps, which is also a great thing.

We’ve been very busy and there’s no time to slow down now but I will keep everyone updated along the journey.  Thanks for reading.

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