Herb Tea!

Angie has been making some herb tea from ingredients only from our garden for us to enjoy and it is fantastic!  She uses Mexican Mint Marigold, Sage, Lemon Balm, Stevia or Cinnamon Basil  and local honey.  This tea tastes great and has a wonderful effect on health.  She will be going through an herbal course over the next few years to learn all about the physiology and herbal remedies associated with that, but for now we are just trying to consume as much good as we can from our garden and enjoy the health benefits it brings.

I gave a bit to a coworker of mine and she loved it.  She said she normally doesn’t like unsweetened tea, but this was so good she wanted the ‘recipe’ so I figured I ‘d share with all of you.  So what Angie does is pick the fresh herbs listed above, sometimes she’ll also use a spearmint or peppermint as well.  She’ll wash all the leaves, then tear them into pieces (which releases more of the flavor and nutrients), then steep in water until boiling, then turn off the heat and allow to cool until warm.  Then she strains the leaves and squeezes out any remaining liquid.  At that point the tea is ready to drink for a nice refreshing warm tea, optionally adding honey at this point -in the glass, not the pitcher – which we prefer for the health benefits of the local, organic honey we consume.

Other options are available, and in the blend I was asked about, here’s what I had done:  I took a half gallon of Angie’s Herb Tea and mixed it with a half gallon of regular brewed black tea.  I added no honey because I was bringing this tea (1 gallon) to work and didn’t want to have to mix in all the honey at once in the gallon pitcher.  This is the tea she requested the ‘recipe’ for.  I must admit, I like it as well and it is a nice mix even cold, which is how I drink it.  It has a nice pick-me-up, as this is my morning drink, since I’m not much of a coffee drinker anymore.  It starts out with only the taste of the black tea hitting your tongue, but then finishes with the nice taste of those herbs, especially the mint marigold.

So, I hope this very easy and extremely healthy ‘recipe’ will find it’s way into your home soon, whether it’s from herbs from your own garden or herbs, those you purchase in a local health store or even the custom blends we will soon be making available in our own store.

Thanks for reading along and we’ll talk to you next time.

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