What is a banana circle? Why you want one and how to install it.


Have you ever heard of a banana circle?  It was a recent discovery of mine and one I wondered about for quite some time before deciding to actually install one myself.  Bananas are cheap so I figured it would be best to dedicate the room to other types of fruit trees instead of bananas that only produce once and then die.  However, there are many benefits to having a banana circle that may entice you to consider one or more into your permaculture design.

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Permaculture Design Certificate Project

The project has not actually been assigned as of yet for the course, but I had to get familiar with the software and I already had all observational information and the client questionnaire and interview out of the way as well as I have already walked the property with the clients. So, I thought I’d share my progress so far. This will be my project for the certification. It’s a suburban lot that is just under 6000 square feet or just over 550 square meters.

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The need for permaculture design and education in southeast TX!

ATTENTION!  ALL FREE DESIGNS HAVE ALREADY BEEN CLAIMED.  If you found this page via my facebook post, I will offer you a design at half price since you were not able to get the free design.  Please send me an email to Josh@thistinyfarm.com.

I have found the need for a professional permaculture designer in my region.  I have only been able to find a single designer in the Houston area through all my searching and ironically I didn’t even find him from searching, he was a name mentioned in Toby Hemmingway’s book Gaia’s Garden.  This is not good for the nation’s 3rd largest city!

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Thanks for reading my first blog post!

Welcome to This Tiny Farm

Welcome to This Tiny Farm and thanks for reading my first blog post!  This Tiny Farm, a division of J & A's Whole Foods, is dedicated to the production of the highest quality, most nutrient dense and delicious homegrown produce without the use of any chemical fertilizers or biocides.  We believe in building a system that not only takes care of its self but also regenerates the soil underneath because we now know that our health and the health of the planet depends on the health of the soil.  We have been gardening and studying permaculture for 3 years now and have lots to learn but also lots to share.  

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