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Imagine walking out your front door and picking your own cilantro, dill, chives, rosemary or basil anytime you need it. Imagine not having to drive to the store for a $3 ounce of herbs! Imagine walking out your front door and cutting fresh flowers for your table or walking around your backyard picking the absolute freshest fruit from your very favorite fruit trees. Imagine the taste of the fresh greens you will pick for your salads and recipes without ever having to leave to go buy a subpar product of unknown quality!

Are you concerned with the quality of the food from the grocery store? Are you aware the of the many poisons lurking in foods that are believed to be healthy? Do you wonder why organic options are so limited or so expensive when what you’re looking for is available?

Are you concerned with the energy required to produce the food you eat? Do you wonder why much of the produce you purchase is grown halfway across the world? Are you concerned with the environmental impact of such practices?

Would you like to grow your own food but afraid you’ll fail or you think you cannot do so with your HOA restrictions?

What if you could grow the most delicious and most nutrient dense food, on your own property, while reducing the amount of water your household consumes and using less fuel to do so.

We can help you do that and more with a permaculture design for your property. Whether you live on a small urban lot in the city or a suburb or even if you have a farm or ranch, we can design a system for you that gives back to nature, feeds your soil and even better, feeds you!

What is permaculture?

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About us

Welcome to This Tiny Farm! We are an average family living in the far NW Houston area in Pinehurst, TX.  My wife and I have 2 daughters, one of whom just joined the Air Force and the other who is currently homeschooling.  We discovered just how fragile and unhealthy this world can be so we decided to change that for ourselves.  We believe in preparedness, self-sufficiency and sustainability.  We have therefore begun our journey on a path toward those ends. Continue reading “About us”


Permaculture Design Services

Permaculture Designs can be created for homes, farms, schools, businesses and intentional communities.  Permaculture design takes the entire “system” of our built environment – the landscape, our homes, humans, nature, animals, plants, etc. – into account to create a truly sustainable and healthy model of living in and with natural systems while meeting human needs as well.

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