My First Day At The Community Garden

We went to Helping Hands Community Garden today for the first time ever. Here we can volunteer to plant and take care of the plants, and you get to learn from Judy Rose, the lady that runs the garden. I plan on learning the different varieties of different plants, how to take care of all different kinds […]

At work food production

Last year I requested permission from my boss to install some fruit trees and bushes in the back of property that would never be used.  She granted permission and the project is now underway.   While I cannot afford to go out and buy a bunch of plants or even a whole lot of soil […]

Fresh Organic Herbs

  I have more than I can use!! I have organic Oregano, Sage, Basil, Peppermint, Spearmint, Chocolate Mint and Thai Mint. I also have lots and lots of organic Lemon Balm, which makes a really nice, calming tea! ONLY $2 for 1 oz

I’m back! And ready for another great year!

Good morning everyone!  I am back from my 5 month vacation.  Well, it hasn’t been quite the vacation, we’ve been very busy around ThisTinyFarm.  But I am back and I will be updating this blog at least twice a week. Since I’ve been away we’ve installed another micro food forest, this time a lemon tree […]

Herb Tea!

Angie has been making some herb tea from ingredients only from our garden for us to enjoy and it is fantastic!  She uses Mexican Mint Marigold, Sage, Lemon Balm, Stevia or Cinnamon Basil  and local honey.  This tea tastes great and has a wonderful effect on health.  She will be going through an herbal course over […]


We got some rain!  And it was perfect.  A couple of days of overcast with mixed in sprinkles to get the ground pre-moistened, followed by 36 hours of steady, but not too hard rain!  This was so needed. We weren’t in quite the pickle Cali is in right now, just the usual summer drought.  Montgomery […]


We just completed, this past month, installing a micro food forest in our front yard, between our driveway and house.  It holds 4 fruit trees; an orange (Brown Select Satsuma), peach (Red Baron), and 2 plumcots (Flavor King and Dapple Dandy) along with a Goji berry, thornless blackberries (Prime Ark Freedom) as well as some […]

Comfrey Planted Next to Fruit Trees.

       Today we plant comfrey next to our fruit trees.  I have been hearing about comfrey for about a year now but never decided to actually grow it.  The reason for that escapes me as this is one of the most beneficial plants to be on our property.  There are many reasons why comfrey is such […]

Young Couple Starts an Offgrid Homestead from Scratch

I read an incredible story today and one that seems to be repeating all over the country.  I’ll share some of it with you below, please read the article from Mother Earth News   Young Couple Starts an Off-Grid Homestead from Scratch, Part 1 10/13/2015 12:42:00 PM By Alyssa Craft Tags: off grid living, mobile […]